"Quality Is Our Commitment"

S R Group is a growing conglomerate based in Hyderabad, Telangana. After serving the poultry sector for over 6 years, Dr. A. Tirupathi Reddy and Dr. G. Ranjith Reddy turned entrepreneurs by founding SR Group. The group has been on a continuous growth curve since its inception in 1996, crediting the success to its determination to achieve and dedication to succeed.

Within a relatively short span of 20 years, the group has diversified into various activities such as the sale of Broiler Chicks, Poultry feed, Commercial Layer eggs, Broiler Hatching eggs and Broiler live birds. The group boasts of being the highest seller of broiler chicks and poultry feed in South India and is also extensively penetrating into the Western and Eastern India markets. The group has also taken its operations abroad by entering the poultry industry in Uganda, Africa. As part of diversification into other industries, the group forayed into the education sector and solvent extraction.

The group’s mission to produce high quality chicks and feed has placed it not only as one of the top premium poultry groups in the country but also made it the customers ‘numero-uno’ choice. With the motto to supply the best quality products at the best value, the groups aims to foster a culture that employs and deploys the best of nutrition and breeding technologies in order to offer top quality products.

Come be a part of the Doctor’s Brand and grow with the S R Group.