The SR Group initially took over Rohini Minerals Pvt Ltd to support its internal poultry operations. The move taken to drive the captive demand of its poultry farming operations soon turned into a fruitful operative bench. Over the 10 years, the operations have expanded to various locations and the output has increased from 1200 T/month to 60000 T/month and is ever evolving.

An ISO 9001-2008 certified company, Rohini’s feed is best known all over the country for the best quality and productablity. It boasts of its use of the NIR spectroscopy for accurate and faster nutrient analysis results which is connected to the Master Lab abroad. With the use of imported machinery from ANDRITZ and AWILA and with high expertise from nutritionists around the world, the group has become the market leader in feed sales in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and is slowly penetrating into Western and Eastern India markets.

Production Capacity
60,000 MT/Month
Layer Feed Products
Layer Chick Crumbs 0-8 Weeks
Layer Grower Crumbs 9-16 Weeks
Layer Grower Mash 9-16 Weeks
Layer Grower Concentrate - 40% 9-16 Weeks
Pre Layer Mash 17-18 Weeks
Layer Mash 19-72 Weeks
Layer Concentrate - 35% 19-72 Weeks
Broiler Feed Products
Broiler Pre - Starter Crumbs 0-10 Days
Broiler Starter Crumbs 11-21 Days
Broiler Finisher Pallets 22-40 Days
Broiler Finisher Concentrate - 40% 22-40 Days
Broiler Finisher Mash 22-40 Days
Broiler Starter Concentrate - 10% 11-21 Days
Broiler Finisher Concentrate - 10% 22-40 Days
Broiler Starter Concentrate - 7.5% 11-21 Days
Broiler Finisher Concentrate - 7.5% 22-40 Days
Locations of Feed Plants

Masaipet (V), Veldurthy (M) , Medak district

Mangalpally (V), Ibrahimpatnam (M), Ranga Reddy District

Amistapur (V), Bhootpur (M), Mahboobnagar District.

Gangasagaram (V) Chittoor Mandal& District

MIDC, Hingna road, Nagpur, Maharashtra

Chintakunta, Vemulawada road, Karimnagar Dt

B-1, MIDC, Miraj, Sangli District, Maharashtra

RMPCS, BM Road, Mandya, Karnataka

Khorda Road, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Industrial Area, Samastipur, Bihar

Tantipukur, Bishnupur, Bankura Dt. West Bengal