The SR Group already being a pioneer in the breeder sector, ventured into layer farming. With an already widespread expansion of market control and customer base, it was an integrated step taken by the group to grow in leaps and bounds. Over the years, it has taken over the Tirumala, Sivika and Emergy’s already established farms to operate and progress into the industry.

It has a great hold of the commercial layer market and the chicken are noted to be of the best quality by the measure of the weight and health of the birds. The layer farms are equipped with the finest of the feeding technology and professional staff who make sure that the birds are grown under utmost hygiene and care. The output of the efforts put in by the staff has been seen in the consistent production capacities of the birds and eggs.

Commercial Layer Capacity
10,50,000 Layers
Locations of Layer Farms

Shivanoor (V), Medak Dt

Toopran (V), Medak Dt

Pudoor (V), Medchal Dt

Arkalguda (V), Medchal Dt

Bandamaadaram (V), Medchal Dt

Rayapolu (V), Rangareddy Dt

Gollapalli (V), Siddipet Dt

Bakaram (V), Rangareddy Dt

Enkapally (V), Rangareddy Dt

Palata (V), Medak Dt

Burgula (V), Rangareddy Dt